"How Can You Help Me Nerds!"

Whoa you say Nerd like its a bad thing?

I'll have you know, Nerds rule this world, so thanks for the compliment! 🙂

But to answer your question, first things first!

We just have one goal here... and that goal is...

"How can we get your business more customers?"

Notice how we didn't say, "How can we get you a bunch of leads?" or "How can we create quality sales funnels?"

Nope! We know that tons of leads and beautiful landing pages are worthless, if they don't make you more money!

"So How Do You Do That?"

Well, I'm glad you asked!

Contrary to what all these high priced agencies or "marketing gurus" try and tell ya, when it comes down to it, setting up a successful online customer acquisition system is actually not that difficult.

Basically, It comes down to this...




Yep, that's it!

But, let's elaborate on that a little more so you fully understand the method to the madness.


Be it just starting out, or the badest mofo in town, the person with the best bait, lures the most fish.

Here we work with you to carefully craft the perfect campaign that targets and attracts your ideal audience. They never knew what hit em!

Our bait brings all the boys to the yard and they're like Its better than yours...


After we have em on the hook, we ascend our prospects through an ascension ladder.

Our ascension ladder is a series of conversion optimized marketing funnels that build, know, like and trust gracefully ascending the customer to our high-profit offers.

Its kinda like dating... you gotta put in some time and take them out on a few dates before you get lucky ya know?


After we get lucky, we kinda fall in love sometimes don't we? Funny thing right?

But in order to put a ring on it and get that ultimate payout. We gotta keep attracting them back and ascending them in the process.

Ok enough with the metaphors, I'm talking about retargeting folks!

Here we can place the exact ad we want our customers to see, on our favorite social media sites, so our customers keep ascending upwards towards our high priced stuff.

It's a thing of beauty when done right and the icing on the cake at the wedding. Congrats!

There you have it, thats the basics of our approach.

But the thing is... the strategy is simple...

The hard part is figuring out exactly where to start, what to say, who to target, and how to put it all together so it connects seamlessly to turn online prospects into paying customers!

And thats where we come in!

But, in order for us to know how to help you exactly, we need to learn more about your business, needs and goals.

Below is an option to book a free 1 on 1 strategy demo call.

On this call three thing will happen (and 1 possibly bonus thing).

1. Get Information

First we will dive into the who, what, whys of your business and talk about the three pillars. People, Process and Product.

2. Evaluate 

Then we will quickly evaluate your online assets. I'm talking your social media likes and follows. Your niche popularity and created content, etc...

3. Make A Play 

After we evaluate then we will make a play. Here we determine the easiest win you can do right away thats not going to disrupt your entire business.

4. The Metrics (Bonus)

As a bonus, we throw in a basic ROI calculation lesson so you know how serious we are when it comes to your return on ad spend. And If you're math illiterate, don't worry. We simplify it so much, your 6 year old nephew can understand it.

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