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Win a Free Custom Landing Page

February 19, 2018 |

Yes, you heard correctly! Sign up below and win a free custom landing page! Every couple months or so, we select a business at random and work with them to set up a high converting, professionally design landing page of their choice. The services we offer: The 4 main services we offer here are are the same as the service packages we offer: Custom Standard Landing Page Design We will create a custom high quality clean modern design. Custom Standard Landing Page Copy Our copy expert will work with you to create copy that converts Custom Standard Landing Page Development If you don’t have a marketing platform to integrate your landing page, then we will code it into SEO/Mobile friendly Bootstrap HTML / CSS and implement it on your hosting server. Custom Standard Landing Page Platform Integration If you do have a marketing platform that will allow you to setup…    read more 

The Copywriter’s Box of Words, Myths and Facts

November 30, 2017 |

Having great copy is the best way you will succeed in your landing page goals. Do you need to have a good design and great imagery? Of course. But nobody is going to buy your product because they saw a photo of it. They want to know how it will benefit them. They want to be sold. Your job is to sell them. Sell yourself. Sell your product. So how do you do that? With your copy. You need to weave a story for your prospects that will persuade them to take actions that you want them to take. Your words are the way that you do that. Which Words Help Persuade? This question is NOT an easy one to answer. Not at all. There are, of course, words which will help to persuade your clients more than the words commonly used on sites and in marketing materials, but those…    read more 

Why A/B Testing is Essential and How to Do it

November 30, 2017 |

A/B testing is the method through which you optimize your website and your sales funnel. Wondering what the A/B is? It is probably obvious, to be completely honest. You test two forms of a given variable against each other. The first is the A and the second is the B. Once you have done the testing, you figure out which one is working for you and then you selection that one. Now you have a new A. Make a new B and repeat the process ad infinitum. These types of tests are also, sometimes, called split tests. Data is the product. Maximizing data delivery is your main goal with your site. Data is your lifeblood. Here are some of the benefits of A/B testing the data on your site: Increased profitability – The way your pages are laid out. The way that the links are arranged. Even your copy. All…    read more 

Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of Internet Marketing

November 30, 2017 |

Internet marketing is not magic. It is just like offline marketing, except a bit more specialized. Unfortunately, online marketing is not covered in many school programs, universities, or other sources of traditional education. There is a lot of BS out there and not a lot of solid information. That’s a big problem for people who haven’t been working in the field for a significant amount of time. It provides business owners with a barrier of entry that can’t always be easily overcome. A lot of internet marketing information out there falls into the “common sense” or possibly even “scam” territory. In fact, a lot of people make it seem like there is some sort of black magic ritualism involved in creating a good marketing plan online (some of them even use this in their pitches to businesses). The basic dos and don’ts can be summarized pretty easily. Obviously the application will be a bit more difficult than…    read more 

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