How Valuable Is Your Offer?

Since we offer a fixed pricing service system, we fork our landing page services into three categories: Small, medium and large and the size of the page is often determined by the value of the offer. Select the service package that best represents the value of your offer.

Lite Landing Page Service

I Am Promoting A Free / Low Cost Offer

(Small Page)

If your offer is minimal like a free download or low cost product then a shorter information page is recommended. The general rule is the larger the offer is the larger the landing page should be. That’s why this is a smaller length page.

There is always the exception, but since the free or low cost offers are lower investment risk, the prospect doesn't need that much convincing to enter their info or press the buy now button.

The smaller pages are often used in:

  • Simple Lead Generation
  • Free Ebook, Checklists, Reports, Whitelists
  • Coming Soon Page
  • 404 Error Page
  • Thank You Page
  • Click Through Page
  • Small Upsell Page
  • Coupon Page
  • Give-A-Way
Standard Landing Page Service

I Am Promoting an Average Priced Offer or Core Product.

(Average Length Page)

This is your run of the mill average sized landing page. The average size pages are often used with your core product offers or average cost service and products. It's the right amount of info to get the message across for the value of the product, but not too much to overwhelm the prospect.

The average sized pages are often used in:

  • Longer Lead Generation Pages
  • Sales/ Product Pages
  • Webinar Pages
  • Checkout Pages
  • Minisites
  • Video Promotion Pages
  • Event Pages
  • Authority Pages
  • Promotion Pages

I Am Promoting A Premium / High Price Offer

(Long Page)

The longer information pages are for the serious high profit / premium offers. The more money the prospect has to spend, the more information should be on the page.

The reason behind all the info is to fill in all the leaks and so the buyer is fully informed and comforted that they are making the right decision. No stone is left unturned with these pages. The buyer is about to spend big money, so make sure they know what they are about to purchase.

These pages are often used in:

  • Premium Product Pages
  • Premium Service Pages
  • High-End Coaching Pages
  • Event Pages
  • Premium Upsells / Addon Pages
  • Offers with a lot of information